Our Mission

To provide an educational environment where children engage their unique curiosities, define their interests, and develop skills that lead to lifelong learning. With individualized instruction and observation, we uphold the values of statistics homework help collaboration, independence, and creativity.

Our Vision

To create an authentic Montessori learning community that enriches and nurtures the whole child. With an appreciation for cultural and socio-economic diversity coupled with customized instruction and a respect for each child’s innate gifts, we develop global citizens who strive for academic excellence.

Who We Are

NIA House was founded on the principle that children must possess a positive attitude toward education in order abstract examples in literature for meaningful learning to occur. This revelation was rooted in an observation of high school age children who were not excited about learning due to their defeated attitude toward the subject matter. As a result, the observers, who happened to be parents and high school educators, opened NIA House in 2009 to serve the pre-school aged children. The community response was so great that the organizers restricted the school to meet the demand resulting in the information of NIA House Montessori School.

NIA House Montessori School is an independent Montessori school in Nashville, TN. NIA House was founded in 2013 by a group of educators and parents who have passion for serving children age 2 to 10 years.

NIA House welcomes all families who demonstrate a philosophical consistency with the Montessori Method, a commitment to embrace and celebrate diversity, and are dedicated to an ongoing collaboration between the child, the family, and NIA House.