Thank you for considering

NIA House Montessori School!


At NIA House we encourage our parents to be fully informed on their family’s readiness to enter a Montessori program. Below are checklists to help parents begin to prepare themselves and their little one for entering the NIA House community.


  • Date of birth (2 years to 6 years of age before August 15th)
  • Student independent toileting skills (See NIA Community page for some toilet training ideas)


  • General knowledge of the Montessori learning philosophy
  • Parent/ Guardian classroom observation (scheduled through administrative office)
  • NIA House Parent orientation class
  • Parent’s commitment to supporting all fundraising efforts including Fall and Spring Fundraisers.


  1. Fill out the information under “contact us.” Expect a phone call within 1-2 business days.
  2. After phone contact, an application will be sent to you and you can schedule a tour. Our school tours are TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS FROM 9-10 AM. 
  3. To secure your school  tour, you will need to submit an application and a non refundable application fee of $100 (a $5 processing fee may be added). 
  4. During your school tour, the child will explore his/her classroom while parents speak to school administrators. Please arrive on time to ensure your family receives the full hour of the tour.
  5. You will be contacted by an administrator within 5 business days. You may be asked to bring your child in for further observation.
  6. After your child is accepted, you have 5 business days to submit your $200 Security Deposit.
  7. The supply/rest cot fee of $200 is due up to 30 days after submitting the Security Deposit.



NIA House Montessori is in compliance with the Department of Education and requires the following documents for each student:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Immunization Records
  • Official School Records (applies to elementary students grades 1-4)

Other paperwork is expected upon child’s first day of school.