Adventure Summer Camp 2016

Dear Parent,

Thank you for choosing the NIA House Montessori School Adventure Summer Camp (ASC)! The purpose of this contract is to secure your child’s position for the 2016 Adventure Summer Camp. NIA House Montessori will provide a great summer learning experience through various activities and special visitors designed to stimulate and inspire your child.

This Montessori based summer approach combines physical and emotional development with exciting endeavors involving art, music, science, culture, field trips in and more.

This Primary Summer Camp is for student’s ages 2 – 6 years old.



Week 1:  (June 13 – June 17)

“Animal Antics”
Come learn all about animals native to Tennessee and get an up close encounter with our animal friends.

Week 2:  (June 20 – June 24)

“Summer Olympics”
The 2016 summer Olympics are starting soon! Let the games begin! Join us and jump into the summer with fun physical activities.

Week 3:  (June 27- July 1)

“Peek a Bug”
We will be caring for and investigating several different insects to discover secrets of their lives.


2nd SESSION: JULY 5-22

Week 4:  (July 5 – July 8)

“Stars and Stripes: Tennessee Adventure”
Celebrate 4th of July by learning about the great state of Tennessee and the Awesomeness of America! Join us and wear your red, white and blue each day!

Week 5:  (July 11 – July 15)

“The Sound of Music”
Join us for Music City Madness as we learn about music in Nashville from local musicians and create and play instruments.

Week 6:  (July 18 – July 22)

“Beach Bonanza”
Come along on our beach vacation! There will be fun in the sun, ocean life activities and of course, water play along the way.

Tuition: All tuition and fees for ASC will be paid in house, there is no TADS set up for summer session. ASC registration fee is $100 and should be paid by March 15, 2016. NO EXCEPTIONS. You are responsible for the tuition for each session in the amount of $850. The tuition for the first session is due May 16, 2016. The tuition for the second session is due June 13, 2016. Please note there is a 10% late fee for delinquent payments.

Pick-Up: Students may be dropped off as early as 7:45 am students must be picked up by 4:00 pm. Parents who pick up after 4:00 pm (based on school clock) will receive a $1/ minute charge each minute you are late. This policy will strictly be enforced and charges must be paid in cash the following drop off day.

Withdrawal: Because there are 2 sessions for ASC, you are responsible for full payment of each session you choose to attend. Prorated rates do not apply for summer session.

Behavior Expectations: The NHM Code of Student Conduct will be adhered to so as to ensure the safety of all students. Services will be suspended should disrespectful or unsafe behavior be directed towards a student or staff member, either by a parent of a student or student in NIA House Montessori School ASC. You are responsible for reading and knowing the expectations of the NHM Code of Student Conduct received during the first week of school from your child’s teacher. Failure to abide by this contract will result in immediate dismissal from the NIA House Montessori Adventure Summer Camp.



Parent Contract