It is NIA House Montessori School’s intention to make quality authentic Montessori education available and affordable to all families that seek this philosophy of education for their children. To support the mission of providing affordable education to all families, NHM is committed to raising the funds necessary for 40% of our families to receive tuition assistance. Annual NHM staff and board members host a fundraiser to raise funds to provide tuition assistance for our families.

To bolster NIA House Montessori School’s vision for quality affordable private Montessori education for all, NHM has implemented a fundraising plan for its supporters. The three-tier fundraising effort focuses on individual and corporate giving: These efforts will support/provide:

  • the acquisition of a permanent school facility

  • funds necessary to meet the demands of the changing technological market

  • the purchase and replacement of Montessori materials and other school-related equipment

  • the expansion of NHM’s program to include first through fourth grade

BELIEVERS$500 Yearly

  • 3 Year Commitment
  • $1500 Investment

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  • One-Time Gift
  • Annual Commitment

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CHANGEMAKERS$10000 or More/Yearly

  • One-Time Gift
  • Annual Commitment

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 Believers are our investors that support our vision for providing a quality private school education for all families. Each year these individuals are committing to support our school by providing the funds necessary to meet the changing demands of the technological market, supplement educational fieldtrips, and host NHM family empowerment and enrichment events. Believers commit to a 3 year investment period. Over this 3 year commitment, each Believer will have donated a total of $1,500.00. Believers will receive information about the progress of the school and invited to attend school functions as they occur.


A second way to invest in NIA House Montessori’s mission to provide quality education for all is to provide $500-$5,000 in professional development support for NHM teachers. This support includes but is not limited attending professional conferences, participating in webinars, and Montessori teacher enrichment training courses.  These opportunities would be listed as a link on our news blasts profiling teachers and detailing their professional development objectives and projects


The third opportunity for donors to support the mission of NHM and its families is to sponsor part of the building, an academic focus, or the supportive services of the school. These annual and one time gifts will begin at $10,000 and will fund the broader vision of NHM. An example: The expansion of our primary program to include elementary grades 1-4 and NHM founders’ vision of opening a middle school. The ChangeMakers donation would go toward making these vision a reality.