NIA house has been nothing but a gift for my family and I. Sonceria has been great in fostering the growth and development of my child on an educational level. Sonceria and her staff took the time out to understand my child and what works for her, while helping my husband and I continue to develop those skills and traits she possesses. Being able to take my child’s loving, yet dominate mothering spirit and transform it into strong leadership qualities has been nothing but great for my child’s self-esteem and worth. I believe that it takes a village and community to raise a child and that is what NIA house provides. Not only do they provide support, but they hold every parent accountable in their child’s education. At the end of the day we are all family, NIA House family! Thank You for all do and will do for the families in Nashville.


Tashia Brown


NIA House did a tremendous job of giving my daughter a strong educational foundation. I was deeply impressed with how the school made the learning process very applicable and hands-on. The teachers at NIA House made special efforts to partner with parents by making them aware of what their child was learning and ways that they can further build on those items at home. When my daughter aged out and transitioned to Pre-school, she pre-tested in the 90th percentile of her age level. When going over the results the very first question they asked my wife and I was “Who has been working with her?” We were very proud to say NIA House.

— Peace and God Bless,

Rico X