Our number one priority has been, and always will be, offering a high quality affordable Montessori education to students of families who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend a private Montessori school. NIA House Montessori School is committed to charge one of the lowest tuition rates for privately funded Montessori schools in Nashville, Tennessee.

Class Type

2017-2018 Academic Year


Toddler Class


Primary Class


Lower Elementary Class


Additional Fees

Application Fee

$100.00 *Due before observation 


Security Deposit


Supply Fee


Rest cot Fee


* Non refundable

Extended Creative Learning Program 3-5:30 pm

  • Please note there is a $1/min late charge after 5:30 pm
Full Time (Theater, Music, Art, Spanish, Yoga)



3 Day 

$190.00/ month

1 Day Music Class 

$60.00/ month